Friday, October 21, 2011

Wes Keely likes Big Franks (and he can not lie)

The Vegan Person I Like today is Wes Keely! Wes is a dude who I've known for well over a decade since we were young, straight edge Michiganders. Now we're old and (still) straight edge and I live in Chicago and he's in Seattle. When he visits Chicago, he likes to go to Chicago Diner and order like 3 plates of things and mash them all into a single-plate concoction that I have appropriately dubbed a "pile." You'll have to contact him about the proper ratios of food to make a correct pile, but boy do they look good! I tend to stick with a single entree, but you know how they say... go big or go home.

The Vegan Thing Wes Likes is Worthington's Loma Linda "Big Franks."

Hello I have decided to share with everyone in the vegan world and beyond that Worthington's Loma Linda "Big Franks" are 100% a vegan food that I "LIKE"! I am sure some have you have seen these before but if you haven't they are a canned vegan "hot dog" that comes 8 to a can. Open the can, drain the "juice/water" heat them up, pile em high with all your favorite things just like you did when you were a kid and then shove them down your gullet! They have a long shelf life, they are a quick meal to have on the go, and are easily one of the better vegan "hot dogs" on the market. Sometimes you can find them at the supermarket but the will for sure be like $8 a can and that's just way too much. You can buy them on amazon by the case and the break down is way cheaper per dog especially if you order and get the free shipping.

If you happen to be in Seattle please visit
Side Car, Seattle's only all vegan store! Not only do they have the Big Franks there for a great price, they also have Mighty O Donuts, Uptons, and are right across the street from Seattle's own Wayward Vegan CafĂ©. So come to Seattle and get fat!!

To be honest, I have had a can of these in my pantry that were given to me by a friend for over a year now and we have yet to eat them out of fear of grossness. This review might finally push me over the edge to give them a try! What do you think?

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