Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Betty Alper likes Melissa Shoes

 Today's Vegan Person I Like is Betty Alper! Betty is the baking genius behind Chicago's Bot Bakery, which makes some of the tastiest baked goods I've had! Everything Bot Bakery makes is organic, vegan, and gluten-free and it all tastes amazing! Their treats combine inspired, unique flavors and are really one-of-a-kind (bell pepper cake with lime frosting!?). They don't have a brick-and-mortor location, but you can find them at farmer's markets and find their goods sold at other establishments around the city of Chicago. You can visit Bot Bakery on Facebook or Twitter and learn about where to find them and just what they're baking up next! Maybe they'll become a Vegan Thing YOU Like!

Betty also hosts a great picnic and is a movie aficionado, having seen something like a million movies in her lifetime (okay, so it's in the thousands, I'm pretty sure). She's also usually wearing something cute and unique (like her), so it's no surprise that the Vegan Thing She Likes is fashion-related in the form of Melissa Shoes.

hi i like lots and lots of vegan food but i also love vegan fashion. one of my favorite brands is melissa. They are all mostly totally jelly material and kinda almost smells like candy. Be careful they are so cute you may want to eat them

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