Monday, October 17, 2011

Chris Tate likes Macbeth's Eliot Shoes

Chris Tate is Crystal's (you know, yesterday's Vegan Person I Like) other half and her Co-Founder in vegan queso over at Food for Lovers. He is a really friendly and seems like a down to earth guy, which is always how I hope that fellow vegans will be when I meet them! Chris and Crystal's business growth has been quick and it's impressive that they really took the leap in a product that they (and the PPK forums!) believed in. I hope that they sell a whole heck of a lot of queso! Why not help out and pick yourself up a jar (or two or three)?!

The Vegan Thing Chris Likes is Macbeth's Eliot Vegan Shoes.

Photo from
I ordered shoes from Macbeth's vegan line from Vegan Essentials when I was 17. I was pretty excited to find vegan shoes after searching the entire internet. I was a new vegan then, too. After 9 years of veganism, I can't find better vegan shoes. I replaced them a few times, but I still wear Macbeths at 25. These cruelty free vegan shoes look great, are durable and last long. I've toured with Macbeths and did lots of walking around (before I could drive). I wear a couple of different colors from the Eliot style.

I think we still need more vegan shoe options. It'd be cool to see more vegan shoe companies pop up.


  1. My boyfriend started wearing them in high school - he is now 25 and still wears them too!

  2. I have a many Macbeth Shoes .
    Macbeth Shoes has Sport Shoes // I like it.
    And I see Rockstar have a this shoes