Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jess Sconé likes Food for Lovers Vegan Queso

She may be presenting a pie, but Jess is really thinking about queso.
Image credit: Lucas DeShazer
Jess Scone is the adorable, smiling face behind the blog Get Sconed! (@getsconed on Twitter) where she is dedicating her Vegan MoFo month to animals writing (sometimes - or you know, always - via the help of a human typist) about their favorite vegan foods, pastimes, etc and included my sweet Maizy. Super cute! Jess is also one of the organizers for both Vida Vegan Con and Portland's Vegan Iron Chef. She's also the coolest. I totally love her unwavering devotion to her projects (seriously, the attention to detail that the Vida Vegan Con ladies exhibited and in that pantry selection at Vegan Iron Chef... holy smokes!) and how friendly and laid back she is. She laughs really easily (and a lot) which makes you feel nothing but comfortable around her. Jess rules!
Zelda contemplates her own spicy treat.

The Vegan Thing Jess Likes is Food for Lovers Queso!

This vegan queso is unbelievable and shows just how far the understanding of nutritional yeast has come. It's wonderfully creamy with a nice amount of heat and I'm so attached to the cute little jars that I keep my favorite hair clips in a cleaned one in the bathroom. With each bite, I wonder, why doesn't every single vegan-friendly taqueria serve this yet?! Hint hint, Los Gorditos! True story: I came home after the non-stop weekend that was Vida Vegan Con (where I met said lovely queso purveyors!), barely had the energy to open the fridge, let alone grab take out, but I was so damn hungry! A nuked jar of queso + the end of a bag of chips saved my life. Thank you, Food for Lovers! You really make me consider a party with a nacho pump.


  1. Couldn't agree more! Jess rules! (and I like me some vegan queso, too!)

  2. yay! I love Jess & her laugh! And I love Food for Lovers Queso! AND I love those awesome jars! great post! :)