Monday, October 3, 2011

Ari Nessel likes Nessel Development

Ari Nessel is an amazing vegan, yogi, and phenomenally deep thinker who I met several years ago as a result of our shared enthusiasm for yoga, and specifically the teachings of Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. I was fortunate, a year or so later, to spend time with Ari in New York during our advanced training with Sri Dharma and to have the opportunity to soak up much of Ari's knowledge which he has acquired through a seemingly unwavering devotion to self-realization through a path of yoga and meditation.

Ari is also a devoted father to his two boys, pictured with him, Jonah (age 4) and Deven (age 18 months). In addition to all of this, Ari is a successful, generous, and purposeful vegan businessperson, as he tells below. The Vegan Thing He Likes is his inspiring business, Nessel Development.

My favorite vegan product, if I can pitch for myself a moment, are my apartment buildings in Dallas. We are a vegan company that provides free vegan lunches to our employees and all food bought at our properties must also be free of animal products. Additionally, we make many efforts to run our complexes in an environmentally sustainable manner. First and foremost, we buy properties that frequently others would demolish and we make them beautiful (really, I mean it). Then, through numerous renovation improvements, the properties become much more water, electric and natural gas efficient. We even have available for residents dog parks and organic gardens at all of our properties. And, if a resident adopts a pet from a shelter while living at our property, we don't charge them a pet fee.

I know you were thinking of vegan food products, but maybe vegan businesses are another way of supporting this movement. Also, we donate a considerable amount to animal rights advocacy groups each year and even provide free housing and offices to Mercy for Animals here in Dallas. (Ed note: Having met MFA folks who were working and living in a Nessel Development building, I have to say that they sound pretty wonderful!)

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