Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flo Sheffield likes Red Star Nutritional Yeast

The Vegan Person I Like today is Flo Sheffield! Flo is a great friend of mine who lives outside of Atlanta, GA and who I unfortunately haven't seen in years due to distance! Despite that fact, we remain close due to a shared interest in yoga, veganism, our dog friends, and finding our best lives no matter what may come! Flo is a devoted wife, dog mom to her baby Chai (pictured), and a wonderfully dedicated student and teacher of yoga in Atlanta. She is unfailing her in her kindness to others and puts that sweet southern charm (she is originally from New Orleans) to good use making people feel right at home in her presence.

Photo courtesy of the internet somewhere!
Pay her a visit at her yoga blog, Southern Yogini and leave her a nice comment! If you're in Atlanta, check out one of her yoga classes in the area and prepare to be inspired!

The Vegan Thing Flo Likes is Red Star Nutritional Yeast.

A product that I love to use in cooking is Red Star Nutritional Yeast. For me converting to veganisim cutting out cheese was the toughest part. I was able to use nutritional yeast to re-create a hearty and healthy mac and cheese. I also love sprinkling some on a fresh avocado or on popcorn. It really is a staple in our house!

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