Friday, October 7, 2011

Meagen Hugel likes Vegan Beef Slices

Today's Vegan Person I Like is Meagen Hugel! I was fortunate to meet Meagen a few years ago and now run into her at many of Chicago's awesome vegan events. She is a fun-loving lady (see picture) who also likes to cook, more of which you can check out at her blog, Vegan Food Addict. She was a competitor, along with her friend Blythe, in this year's Chicago Vegan Chef Showdown where her team's amazing all handmade ravioli and accompanying sauces took home third prize! You can often find Meagen out saving the animals with her vegan sister, Lauren, at her side!

The Vegan Thing that Meagen Likes is VegeUSA Vegan Beef Slices.

I love VegeUSA Vegan Beef Slices. Sold at Asian grocery stores, they are also available in duck and pork flavors. These slices are dehydrated so all you have to do is soak them in warm water for a few minutes, drain, squeeze the water out, then prepare however you want. I tend to marinate mine in whatever seasonings I feel like at the time. These "beef" slices are delicious in stir fries, kabobs, wraps, etc. They make an excellent beef replacement in nearly any recipe and have a nice, chewy texture.

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