Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tom Truty likes Portobello's Arrabiata Pizza

Tom Truty is today's Vegan Person I Like. Tom is a Chicago native who is now living in Portland, along with his wife Michele, featured just yesterday on this very blog! Tom is a really laid back, funny, and awesome dude. He is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, so we share a lot of similarities in our spiritual paths and I love meeting people with dedication to deep down real deal self-discovery! Tom and I also share an allergy to nuts, so we can bond over the vegan foods that we are unfortunately unable to enjoy (though, the trade off of continuing to be alive is totally worth it)! Tom also has a blog which you can visit right here.

The Vegan Thing Tom Likes is the Arrabiata Pizza at Portobello in Portland.

The vegan thing I like is the Arrabiata pizza from Portland’s Portobello Vegan Trattoria. I’ve been there a million times…and I order this every time. The crust is perfect New York brick-oven crispy, but the cheese and fennel sausage soothe any ex-Chicagoan’s soul. It’s got chili-fennel marinara, cherry peppers, housemade vegan seitan sausage, basil, and Daiya. They recently changed the cheese over to a housemade cashew version, but they’ll use Daiya if you ask—which I do because cashews will kill me.

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