Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dan Staackmann likes Olive Ciabatta

The best way that I can think to kick off a whole month of Vegan People I Like is to feature my personal number one vegan person. He is my partner in all aspects of life, including at work (where he is technically my boss, though it never feels that way). He is my boyfriend, Dan Staackmann! Dan is the owner of Chicago-based seitan company, Upton's Naturals, where we both work and which takes us on so many vegan-centric adventures that I was inspired to start this blog. He is a natural entrepreneur, always encouraging people to take the leap into finding their own path towards meaningful work and a happy life. He's extremely humble and extremely easy to get along with. There is no one else on earth who I'd rather have as my partner or as my first Vegan People I Like entry!

The Vegan Thing Dan Likes is the olive ciabatta pillow from Fox & Obel in Chicago.

A vegan thing I like is the Fox & Obel olive ciabatta...perfectly crafted with a firm outer crust, air-bubble-filled chewy center, real olives (not sliced and from a can) and a cornmeal dusting below. Also, no ridiculous “dough conditioners” or additives... flour, water, olives, yeast, cornmeal, salt. Perfect. Like all good breads, best consumed within 8-12 hours of baking and NEVER put in a plastic bag. I challenge anyone to find a finer ciabatta in Chicago, or anywhere else.

Dan hit the nail on the head with this pick. I willingly vouch for these being some of the most amazing bread that you will ever eat. Well worth a stop. We often pick one of these up each for a snack when we're in the area.


  1. What a great theme - I'll make sure to follow you!

  2. Hi Nicole, I'm am an ancient friend of Dan's. Him and I go way back to our skateboarding days. I happen to stumble upon this blog and was blown away when I saw a picture of Dan! That moment lliterally brought me back at least 15 years. The last time I saw and spoke to him was at a Morrissey show in 2000, after that him and I never spoke again. Everything you said about him is 100% true, that's exactly how I remember him. I am so pleased to know that he is still Vegan and that he pursued his passion and is doing well for himself. I remember when I last saw him I asked, "are you still a Vegan?" and he replied, "are you still
    not?" I never forgot that! Dan was a good friend, and I remember all the crazy things we did in MG, the days without responsibility. Nicole Please pass this message along and let him know that an old friend said HELLO!