Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emelda Kavanaugh-Ortiz likes Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue

The Vegan Person I Like today is Emelda Kavanaugh-Ortiz! Emelda is a dedicated friend to the animals and the Founder and Board President of Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue. If you're friends with Emelda on Facebook, sometimes you'll get lucky enough to get an updated on the small army of foster animals at her home, including teeny tiny kittens (I hear you bloggers are big cat people, so look, there's a picture of a cat right there! Pandering!). Emelda is a full-time proponent of social justice who also works with the Chicago Abortion Fund and has worked with Food Not Bombs, Animal Defense League, and others. She is a wonderful person to get connected with and, if you're looking for a new cat to move into your house and feature in your blog, she's got you covered!!

The Vegan Thing Emelda Likes is her rescue, Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue!

(Oh my gosh, THAT FACE!!!)
If I can bang my own drum, my favorite vegan thing is the rescue I’m a part of, Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue. As a rescue, we are 100% foster-home based and are all volunteer. We promote animal adoption, Trap-Neuter-Return of feral cats and other animals (the only scientifically proven and humane method for dealing with alley cats), the No-Kill Movement (a fight to stop shelters from killing the animals in their care) & veganism.

We are the only active rescue I know of that focuses on cats and dogs (and small animals occasionally!) that promotes veganism. “Go vegan” is on our business cards, veganism is discussed in our literature and at our orientations, we promote vegan websites/business/etc. on our social media sites and website, and all adopters get vegan information in their adoption packets. Our board is 100% vegan run, all of the events we organize are vegan, and we promote plant-based diets for any animal that can be healthy on such a diet.

We’re celebrating our 3rd year this November with an
all-you can eat vegan waffle brunch!

As an attendee in previous years, I can confidently say that the Vegan Waffle Brunch hosted by Broad Shoulders is super delicious, fun, and for a great cause! I highly recommend that you carve out some time to attend this year! You can connect with Broad Shoulders on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. The BSAR website is temporarily down. Here's where people can get tickets for the Nov. 13th brunch fundraiser: