Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denver Sheffield likes Vegan Beef Stew

Today's Vegan Person I Like is Denver Sheffield. Denver is the husband of yesterday's Vegan Person, my friend Flo! Denver is born and raised in Georgia, where he still lives south of Atlanta. According to his wife, he spent many years as a vegan "weirdo" in the South, but apparently veganism is even making it's way over to their neck of the woods and life is becoming a lot more comfortable! Denver likes to race sport bikes, cheer for (of course) the Denver Broncos, and spoil the heck out of his bulldog, Chai.

The Vegan Thing that Denver Likes is his favorite comfort food, Vegan Beef Stew.

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My favorite vegan food is a meal; Vegan Beef Stew. I grew up on stews, beans and corn bread and meals like chicken and dumplings. When my wife was able to re-create beef stew last winter as a vegan meal it became a staple favorite for me. We found Gardein Beefless TipsWe used the recipe from Gardein as well, but made our own modifications.

When Denver isn't at home eating beef stew, you might find him at Green Sprout eating tasty vegan Chinese food in Atlanta!

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