Monday, October 24, 2011

Andrea Juracek likes Revolution's Tempeh Ruben

Today's Vegan Person I Like is Andrea Juracek! I love love love Andrea. She is a really cool lady and pit bull mom who started up an awesome Chicago pet rescue with her friends called One Tail at a Time. One Tail does a million cool fundraisers throughout the year (including Doga - yoga for you and your dog which I am honored to teach with my sweet dogs) and helps a seemingly endless amount of dogs find their way out of animal control and into foster, and finally forever homes. Andrea has a super big heart and is so dedicated to social justice for both animals and humans. She is a lady that I definitely recommend getting to know. She also likes great vintage stuff and her husband, Pat (who is a non-Vegan Person I Like)!

The Vegan Thing Andrea Likes is the Tempeh Ruben from Revolution Brewing.

The vegan thing I like is the tempeh reuben (no cheese, extra kraut) from Revolution Brewing in Logan Square. My husband and I went to Revolution when it first opened and this is what I got. The recipes at the time were still being worked out and at first it was not so great - it was just lots of bland tempeh on some bread. Since it was a new place, I brought it up to the manager just to give some feedback. She was happy I did so and comp'd us all our drinks! We decided to keep coming back since it was in our neighborhood and the beer was great. With every visit the food got better and better. The reuben has blossomed into this amazing sandwich that is perfectly seasoned. Revolution's vegan thousand island dressing and sauerkraut add in to make it one of my all-time fav sandwiches.

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