Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Native Foods

On Saturday, we attended a complimentary pre-opening meal service at the new Native Foods location in Wicker Park (Chicago). The staff was wildly hospitable and the food was delicious. They also have a really comprehensive allergy menu which is great for those who need to avoid certain ingredients. It's easy to see why Native Foods has been so successful in California as they seem to have their business model down to a science. We were very excited also to meet Chef Tanya, the visionary behind this concept who is, as it turns out, a fan of our products. It is always wonderful to hear positive reviews from other people doing good things in the world of vegan food. If you are in Chicago (or California and haven't been yet), I strongly recommend a visit for a meal to Native Foods. Having only tried a few things, I can't give a definitive recommendation, but I really enjoyed their tempeh burger. Also, the Watermelon Fresca (watermelon, mint, and agave) was extra refreshing and is all-you-can-drink! The Wicker Park location opens today with more on the way for Chicagoians!

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