Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Fight! Vegan Grocery Store

Despite the fact that I have absolutely no time to devote to such a project, I have dreams of opening a vegan grocery store. I love bringing new vegan products to people who maybe haven't seen them before (hello, blog!). As a customer, I love the idea of walking in and knowing that you can buy anything and that someone I can trust is assuring me that everything within those walls is vegan! Food Fight is an amazing all-vegan destination that carries a wide variety of food and other items. They have it all, right down to a well-stocked produce section. Even better, their prices are really, really reasonable. While I was there I found items that I'd read about online, but hadn't seen in person yet. They are located in Portland's "Vegan Mini Mall" which also contains Herbivore and Sweetpea vegan bakery. This is a must-visit destination in Portland! I can't wait to go back soon (we've been traveling to Portland a lot lately)!

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