Saturday, February 4, 2012

Olive & Sinclair Double Chocolate Nibs Bar

The other night in Chicago was BEAUTIFUL. Dan and I were at the MCA where we got some hotly-contested seats for the presentations from some of the top five architectural team finalists in the running to redesign Navy Pier. After the Q&A, we decided to go for a walk (it was too nice to go straight home) and ended up over at Fox & Obel where were enjoyed an olive ciabatta, some mediocre hummus, and this delicious Olive & Sinclair Double Chocolate Nibs bar.

Neither of us had ever tried this particular brand of chocolate, but between the packaging, the nibs, and "brown sugar" in the ingredients list, I was sold! Dan was less sure, but the more he ate, the surer he became. This 67% dark bar had a great sweetness (maybe the brown sugar?) that I'm not used to in dark bars that also contain cocoa nibs. Overall, I give it two thumbs up. Check out their (well-designed!) website for more information (and free shipping on orders over $50). Just in time for Valentine's Day?


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  2. Sure! Feel free to email me at nicole at nicolesopko dot com with any questions!