Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take a Hike Scone

The Vegan Thing I Like today is, I think, kind of unexpected. Bleeding Heart Bakery (multiple locations in the Chicagoland area) is known for their super sweet baked goods (some of which are vegan). Their cupcake icing is so sweet that they have a warning at the counter not to order it if you don't expect an explosion of sugar in your mouth. So, what's perhaps unexpected is that the item I like most of Bleeding Heart is one of their less sweet offerings - the perfectly amazing and delicious Take A Hike Scone.

This scone is darn near perfection. It's just sweet enough and loaded with seeds and dried fruits (no nuts or coconut, both of which I am allergic to - rejoice!). The inside is a bit cakey and crumbly while the outside is just a little bit crunchy. I seriously love this thing. Ever since the new, huge location opened up nearby work, I have to resist the urge to eat these more often. Fortunately, the price keeps me under control (it's worth it, but not always in my budget). Even though it seems weird, next time you're near the Bleeding Heart Bakery, I suggest that you pass by the cakeballs, cupcakes, and even the vegan donuts and go right for this baby! You will not be disappointed!

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