Thursday, September 1, 2011

Remedy Teas

Upon arriving in Seattle this past week, we visited some stores and were then hungry and wanted to go out for a bite to eat. It was about 9:30pm (11:30pm "our time") when we dragged ourselves out for a meal.

The first place we stopped at was a bar and I had inadvertently forgotten my ID in the hotel room. They still couldn't serve us food, but recommended another vegan place for dinner. When we arrived there, 45 minutes before closing, the waitress was incredibly rude to us telling us that they closed early so they could go home and that "maybe we had never worked a 12 hour shift before." Seriously. The third place we tried was also closed despite their hours posted on Happy Cow. Not knowing where to go next, we wandered towards the only lighted building in the area and fortunately, it was Remedy Teas!

Remedy Teas is an amazing little tea shop in Seattle that reminds me of Teany in New York in it's hipness and expansive tea menu. Upon entering I was delighted to learn that they were still serving food (now around 10pm) and we recounted our tale of arriving there only to eventually learn that the manager was a friend of the "rude server" restaurant owner (and was shocked at our treatment). Oh, fate. Remedy can make many of their sandwiches vegan and I opted for a Cuke Classic with vegan cream cheese and chives while my partner had a warm Tomato Fresha with vegan mozzarella. We rounded out this meal with a locally brewed kombucha and a chocolate chip green tea cookie to share (part of which is pictured). We also took a "deep sleep" tea to go with us which was delicious.

I definitely recommend Remedy Teas if you're ever in Seattle, especially later at night on a Monday or if you're in the market for a light meal or (obviously) tea! They were super friendly and hospitable and don't close before their posted hours say they will (which a local later informed me was a common occurrence in the city). The staff that we met was awesome, the space was really comfortable, the tea was perfect, and the food was perfect tea shop fare.

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