Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dave's Killer Bread - Sin Dawg

In a previous post, I included Dave's Killer Bread's Seed Bomb, but on this most recent trip to Portland I discovered another variety of DKB, the Sin Dawg! I would be remiss as a "what I like" vegan blogger to not tell you about this marvelous bit of bread engineering. What you have when you buy a Sin Dawg is a long, seedy loaf of bread that, once sliced open, is a gooey, delicious cinnamon roll inside! I can't emphasize enough how tasty this thing is and I found over the course of my most recent trip that the mere mention of the "Sin Dawg" brings up strong feelings of devotion in the locals!

The Dave's Killer Bread story is also a great one. Dave, a former drug addict and convict turned his life around and joined in the family bread-making business with his own line of ingredient-conscious breads that are undeniably delicious! The bread is made outside of Portland and some is even delivered to stores via bike courier.

If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest, I can't recommend Dave's Killer Bread enough. I am seriously considering gifting a Sin Dawg to everyone on my holiday gift list this year, they are that good!

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