Saturday, September 22, 2012

GreeNoodle Moroheiya Rice Pasta

Today we wrapped up three days of exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. The show was, as usual, filled with awesome vegan products, but one of the most unexpectedly awesome things that I tried was these Moroheiya Rice Noodles from GreeNoodle! I hadn't heard of Moroheiya before, but it was apparently used in ancient Egyptian cooking, is also referred to as "Egyptian Spinach," and has multiple health benefits. I happen to love rice noodles and these were especially delicious cooked right out of the package. After eating one small sample, I could have eaten a whole bowl (my partner said the same thing). These are not available in stores until December, but I was informed that the company's other products can be found at Japanese markets like Mitsuwa, which has a location where I live in Chicago! I left the show with a sample of the Wheat Moroheiya Noodles which are quick-cooking similar to ramen and I am really looking forward to trying them, as well! I will definitely be at Mitsuwa in December looking for the rice version either way. Highly recommended!!

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